ACA Contracting & Onboarding

ACA Contracting & Onboarding

Step 1: 

VERY IMPORTANT  ***This step is crucial - Not creating a NEW SureLC account that is specific to your ACA contracting, can cause your contracts to be misaligned and delayed.  If you have questions about this part of the process, please reach out to our team for assistance.***

Register a NEW SureLC account for your ACA Contracting:

New Account Tip:  You can use the same email for multiple SureLC accounts (ie. you may have an existing account for Life contracting).  If you use the same email for multiple accounts, you must use a different password for each. 

Step 2:
Once registered, log in and be sure that you see that you are contracting under your Life Professionals Senior Solutions profile:

Step 3:
Complete all of the agent information sections and then create your carrier requests by selecting "Contracting Requests" and then "Create Request":

Note:  You will be required to complete the "Messer Financial Group" request before adding carriers.  Messer Financial Group is our ACA contracting partner, not a carrier.  (CLICK HERE for instructions on how to complete the Messer contract) 

Note: Most ACA Contracting will be listed under the "Group Life & Health" section of the contract.  Sometimes you will see them listed under "Accident & Sickness".  Please be sure to ONLY select the ACA product (not MA or Med Supp).  If you are not sure of the selection, please reach out to our contracting team before moving forward.

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